By Danny Roberts


The sport of rugby league has and always will resonate discipline. It’s a part of the culture of the sport and something that the Boston 13s replicate throughout the club. Carl Harrison, 13s prop, has shown how his own self discipline has put him on the road to both success in his personal life and on the field helping the team achieve their goals. Alongside his sporting ambitions, Harrison is a graphic designer, clothing line owner, illustrator and self professed ‘gym rat’.

When Harrison first joined the 13s in 2011 he was just starting out on his journey to get into better shape. 3 years later and the newly toned forward will be pulling on a 13s jersey hoping to help the team achieve their goal of making it to this year’s final, admitting that rugby league has given him a reason to stay fit.

“It has been an interesting time since I joined the Boston 13s in 2011. I was just starting my journey towards becoming healthier. Before rugby league, I was really just working out to get in better shape, playing with the 13s gave me drive and purpose. All I knew was that I wanted to hit the gym and become stronger to better help my team on the field.”

As Harrison started to get into better shape he realized that it was beginning to translate on the field, and felt as though he had the chance to dedicate himself to a sport for the first time since he was involved in varsity wrestling in high school.

“It [rugby league] inspires me to not put limitations on myself or my abilities, and even though I’m not the biggest guy or fastest guy on the field, I can make a difference.”

One thing that Harrison has found in his time at the 13s is that the club prides itself on its team spirit and has a strong sense of brotherhood. The forward believes that the club has a better chance of success when they are working towards a collective goal and feels that this year, with solid preparation, the side could mount a serious challenge for the title.

The coaching expertise of Robin Peers and Dustin Cooper has helped the 13s tenfold and Harrison believes that the team now plays ‘smarter not harder’ and states that everyone has their own job to do to benefit the team as a whole.

“Their [Peers and Cooper] knowledge is unparalleled, they have seen it all, unlike it is here in the States. They were raised on rugby league and have that ingrained within. They are the kind of people that elevate the game of others when they take the field.”

This is just the beginning of Harrison’s fitness journey as he tries to better himself in all aspects of his life, all the while helping the 13s achieve their on field goals and make a run for the Championship.

“Moving forward, I’m going to continue to keep pushing myself as far as I can in everything I do. Along with that, I’m looking for more opportunities to develop as a player. At the end of the day, I am a student of the game.”

Harrison Green (Back) Carl

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