In a USARL first, the Boston 13s are giving you the opportunity to contribute to your favorite American rugby league team by giving you the chance to become a ‘B13s In Twenty14’ member.

With the help of, the 13s are offering three levels of affordable memberships (Gold, Silver, Bronze) to all our supporters, starting at $10.

“Members are the heart and soul of rugby league clubs in Australia, England, and New Zealand”, said Head Coach Robin Peers. “So we thought it would be a great idea to introduce the system here and give our supporters the opportunity to contribute to the club, and feel a sense of ownership more than just as a fan.”

All money raised goes towards paying for playing/training facilities, travel, and accommodation costs throughout the season.

“We have over 2300 likes on facebook, and 3700 followers on twitter. Hopefully a majority of those people get on board and become members”, he finished with. “That would be fantastic!”

Keeping with the trend set by NRL clubs in Australia, every member’s name will feature on the new playing jersey and website. The jersey will also be determined by members voting on their favorite design.

For more information regarding all levels of membership, click on the link below.

Show your support and become a ‘B13s in Twenty14’ member today!

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